Service Agreements

Why Invest in a Rapid Response Service Agreement?

There’s nothing worse than an unforeseen issue with your air pollution control system that suddenly halts operations and shuts down production. To minimize the probability of unanticipated shutdowns, we provide PolSys Rapid Response Service Agreements for oxidizers, scrubbers, and burners/gas trains. Here are the Top 6 reasons to consider one for your system.

#1. Maximum Uptime
If your air pollution equipment fails, production and profit loss result. This loss could be especially problematic if your facility is operating at or near capacity. A PolSys Rapid Response Service Agreement is tailored to your needs for routine/scheduled inspections, basic repairs, and predictive maintenance to reduce the probability of unanticipated shutdowns. Potential issues are identified and solved before they shut down operations.

#2. Rest-Assured Safety & Compliance
Defective or inefficient parts, equipment, or fuel gas trains can result in fugitive emissions, compliance violations, and an unsafe work environment. Not only can safety and compliance issues be costly in terms of fines, they often damage public relations and brand equity. If you don’t properly and regularly inspect and maintain your equipment, the results can be significant.

#3. Lower Operating Costs
When we inspect your oxidizer, scrubber or burner, we ensure that your equipment and systems are running efficiently and cost-effectively. Even small operational inefficiencies can significantly impact your bottom line. Often, we can make recommendations that will immediately help lower fuel and operating costs. What’s more, scheduled, proper system maintenance means fewer future oxidizer repair issues.

#4. Longer System Life
The better care you take of your equipment, the longer it will last. The timely repair of critical components is key to the effective and efficient operation of air pollution control systems. For example, any leaks, flaws or degradation of RTO Diverter Valve seals should be addressed immediately to avoid compliance or reliability issues.

#5. Expanded Capacity
Needs change over time. If you’re like many of our customers, you may need a system capable of handling MORE. As your service partner, we can evaluate, upgrade and/or retrofit your system before it brings you down.

#6. Less Stress
Scheduled, proper maintenance means fewer emergency repair issues and less equipment downtime. Guaranteed response times and advanced 24/7 phone support mean if an issue arises, we’ve got you covered.

No air pollution control system can operate with high reliability and efficiency one year after the next without proper inspections and timely, skilled maintenance. Could your system benefit from a PolSys Rapid Response Service Agreement? Learn more here.

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