Thermal Oxidizer Rental

Trailer-Mounted Thermal Oxidizer Rental, Model CEF-5

The CEF-5 rental unit is a trailer-mounted, natural gas or propane thermal oxidizer designed to treat hydrocarbon-contaminated air streams. This system has the capabilities to handle both low VOC-contaminated streams at <50% LEL, and high-VOC streams at >50% LEL. This unit and controls can also be converted to operate with a catalyst module insert, which lowers the required combustion temperature and fuel cost. This oxidizer is designed to operate completely independent of the process and is equipped with an enable-disable signal interface in the system control panel.

Rental Thermal Oxidizer System Features

    • Epoxy Coated Carbon Steel Outer Shell

    • High Temperature Ceramic Insulation

    • Trailer-Mounted

    • Two (2) Oxidizer Process Blowers w/ VFDs

    • Flame Arrestor for low VOC process

    • Flame Trap for high VOC process

    • Natural Gas or Propane Primary Burner

    • NFPA Compliant Gas Train

    • Stainless Steel Exhaust Stack

    • Easy-to-use, cost-effective solution for tank degassing


Thermal Oxidizer Rental Specifications

Maximum Air Flow Capacity

3,050 SCFM

Minimum Air Flow

800 SCFM

Maximum Inlet Temp from Source


Burner Capacity

4,800,000 BTUH

Inlet Connection

11″ dia.

Stack Height

18′ 7″ Above Ground

Stack Diameter


Maximum Thermal Operating Temperature


Optional Catalyst Module

Precious Metal Monolith

Catalyst Operating Temperature


Maximum Exit Catalyst Temperature


Maximum Hydrocarbon Throughput

High-VOC Mode

~5 MMBTUH or 750 SCFM

Thermal Mode

<50% LEL

Catalytic Mode

<25% LEL

Oxidizer Process Blowers

7.5 HP

Time to Reach Operating Temperature

15 min from Cold Start

Power Requirements

460/3/60, 26 FLA


16,000 lbs. Dual Axle

Download our Rental Thermal Oxidizer Spec Sheet.