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Introducing a First-of-its-Kind Scrubber for Central America 

Recently, PolSys Services commissioned the first-ever ammonia scrubber installed in Central America for large-scale air conditioning systems, marking an important milestone in the region’s environmental stewardship.

The custom industrial-grade system, designed and built by Pollution Systems, was installed at a large manufacturing facility in Costa Rica for one of the world’s most prominent biotechnology companies. This landmark project was completed in conjunction with our strategic partnership with Dysehs S.A. de C.V., a leading provider of environmental, health and safety (EH&S) solutions in Mexico and Latin America.

Ammonia-Scrubber-in-Costa-Rica  Control-System-of-Ammonia-Scrubber-in-Costa-Rica-Training-Commissioning

PolSys Services is honored and pleased to break new ground in regions where environmental regulations are evolving, and the demand for innovative air abatement solutions is high. In a world where environmental consciousness and industrial progress often seem at odds, we continue to prove that the two are more than compatible – they are both imperative.

New Headquarters

We’re also breaking new ground in the United States! In case you missed it, we recently moved our headquarters to a 10,600-square-foot building just north of Houston, Texas. This new, larger location offers us the additional space we need for warehousing parts and tools, troubleshooting equipment, shop-testing systems, and training field engineers and other key team members. The strategically positioned location also allows us to be even more responsive to our large and rapidly expanding network of customers in the Gulf Coast, and provides a robust foundation for our growth both domestically and internationally.

The address of our new headquarters is 26451 Hanna Road, Oak Ridge North, TX 77385. Our main phone number remains the same, (713) 999-1100.

As we embark on this exciting chapter of growth and expansion, we remain committed to our core values of integrity, innovation, safety, and environmental stewardship.

About Ammonia Scrubbers

Many industrial manufacturing processes emit ammonia, which is a colorless but potentially explosive and poisonous gas under certain circumstances. Due to its toxicity, ammonia gas requires treatment below certain regulated limits before it can enter the atmosphere.

In general, ammonia scrubbers remove pollutants using a chemical reaction and – when designed properly – these scrubbers have been proven highly effective at removing ammonia from exhaust streams. Pollution Systems ammonia scrubbers, which employ sulfuric acid (H2SO4) to neutralize ammonia in waste streams, are carefully custom-designed to fit the application and variables of each project. Learn more about ammonia scrubbers.