RTO Poppet Valve/Diverter Valve Repairs

RTO Diverter Valves are critical to the effective and efficient operation of an RTO. If valves do not seal properly, the RTO will not maintain proper destruction and removal efficiencies, and will impact cost-effective operation through loss of thermal energy recovery. 


Many RTOs rely on Poppet or Butterfly Valves to direct and alternate airflow into the ceramic media beds so that energy recovery is maximized. Yet these high-cycle valves often deteriorate over time due to extensive hours of operation and forceful mechanical impact. Other valve stressors include lack of constant compressed air supply pressure to the RTO, temperature changes of hydraulic fluids, and poor compressed air quality (e.g., moisture).


To keep your RTO operating properly, it is recommended that valves be serviced by experienced professionals. Any leaks, flaws or degradation of seals should be addressed immediately to avoid compliance or reliability issues. Read our Poppet Valve Assembly Case Study.


Our experienced field technicians are trained to diagnose and repair all types of RTO Diverter Valves, ensuring proper valve operation and sealing throughout your system.

    • Complete valve replacement

    • Shaft repair and replacement

    • Actuator repair and replacement

    • Seal replacement

    • Gasket replacement


For maximum RTO reliability and production uptime, consider a Rapid Response Service Agreement