Key Industries Served

Expert, Impartial Services for Air Pollution Controls Systems in a Variety of Industries

Regardless of your plant’s industry-specific application, air permit requirements, production line design, or emissions challenges, our experts can keep your air pollution control equipment running reliably, efficiently, and safely – helping you to hit your production targets and avoid unplanned downtime. Below are just a few of the key industries we serve.

Automotive Manufacturing

PolSys Services has worked onsite for many of the largest auto manufacturers in the United States. Systems used in this industry (such as RTOs) are often older and require specialized attention to remain compliant and energy efficient, especially if processes involve fluctuating air streams and emissions concentrations. We have extensive experience with:

    • Specialized paints and coatings operations

    • Engine testing operations

    • Battery manufacturing facilities

    • Tire manufacturing facilities

    • Plants requiring industrial automation and control system inspections, upgrades, and repairs

    • Turnkey media replacements


Pharmaceutical Production & Ethylene Oxide Sterilization

Most of our pharmaceutical customers have severe uptime needs and compliance requirements. Their processes are varied and highly complex, and there’s no tolerance for unplanned downtime. Our diverse experience and agnostic approach make us ideally suited as a service provider to this challenging industry, as our solutions are custom-engineered to ensure compliance and safety while providing high on-stream time and reliability.

Contract Ethylene Oxide (EtO or EO) sterilizers face increasingly strict and rapidly evolving air permit regulations as well as intense public scrutiny. For many EtO sterilization plants, retrofitting or upgrading existing equipment is the best way to achieve higher destruction efficiencies quickly, safely, and cost-effectively. We’ve helped these customers in a variety of ways, including:

    • Identifying and repairing leaking bypasses and components

    • Modifying fan configuration from forced draft to induced draft, minimizing the potential for fugutive emissions

    • Exchanging a catalytic oxidizer’s current catalyst with a higher-performing catalyst

    • Ensuring instruments are accurately calibrated to avoid deviations or outages

    • Adding equipment to prevent upset conditions due to highly concentrated chamber emissions “spikes” 

    • Reconfiguring systems to provide secondary treatment to a stream

    • Upgrading control systems to enhance operational efficiencies, data collection, and safe operation


Chemical Processing

Our technicians are well versed in the unique emissions requirements of the chemical processing industry. We’ve inspected and serviced chemical/gas scrubbers, recuperative oxidizers, high-VOC thermal oxidizers, catalytic thermal oxidizers, and enclosed thermal flares. We can help your chemical processing plant find safe, cost-effective, reliable solutions to your biggest pollution challenges, such as:

    • Scrubbing chemical residue in exhaust vapors

    • Oxidizing low- and high-VOC emission streams

    • Dealing with processes that contain acids and/or halogenated compounds

    • Addressing inert emissions streams that lack oxygen

    • Protecting the health and safety of production line workers


Other Manufacturing Facilities

When your manufacturing production targets are high, you can’t afford to take chances with scrubbers, oxidizers, and other air pollution control systems. Equipment reliability is key. Our team of technicians can not only help you repair and maintain media, valves, gas trains, burners, and other parts to avoid production problems, but we can also help you design and implement control systems processes to reduce startup and shutdown time and optimize fuel and overall equipment performance.

    • Animal Feed

    • Can Manufacturing / Metal Packaging

    • Coil Coating / Metal Decorating

    • Electronics / Semiconductors

    • Paint / Coatings / Solvents

    • Printing / Laminating / Flexible Packaging


Food Processing

Food processing plants and cooker lines generate a very specific set of particulate exhaust. Our technicians can design solutions that optimize the capability of your systems to scrub food particles, smoke, and vapor from waste streams, helping maintain consumer confidence in your brand. We can help:

    • Maximize the efficiency of your manufacturing lines through industrial control programming and automation

    • Keep you compliant with new emissions requirements, avoiding plant shutdowns

    • Scrub food processing byproducts from exhaust streams


Oil & Gas / Petrochemical

We have helped many oil and natural gas refineries, treatment, distilation, and processing plants meet stringent greenhouse gas, volatile organic compound (VOC), and hazardous air pollutant (HAP) emissions requirements. Specifically, we service, maintain, and repair air pollution control systems used in:

    • Gas sweetening

    • Amine scrubbing

    • Acid gas scrubbing

    • Tank degassing

    • Landfill Gas / Energy Recovery

    • Ethanol / Biodiesel


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