Catalytic Oxidizer Rental

Rent a Recuperative Catalytic Oxidizer, Model RCO-8.5

The RCO – 8.5 is a rental catalytic oxidizer designed to provide destruction of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from an air stream at >95%. This unit’s flexible design can adapt to multiple conditions while operating completely independent of the process. Additionally, lower operating temperatures along with heat recovery in the RCO-8.5, could cause a favorable decline in operating costs and utilities.

Catalytic Oxidizer Rental Specifications

Maximum Air Flow Capacity

8,500 SCFM

Minimum Air Flow

1,000 SCFM

Maximum Inlet T

200 °F

Maximum Hydrocarbon Throughput

25% LEL

Burner Capacity

3,600,000 BTUH

Inlet Connection

24″ DIA

Stack Height


Stack Diameter


Catalyst Module

Precious Metal Monolith

Catalyst Operating Temperature

 600 °F

Maximum Catalyst Operating Temperature


Heat Exchanger

304 SS, Shell & Tube

Heat Exchanger Efficiency 


Oxidizer Process Bower

 60 HP

Control Panel

Nema 12, Wall Mount

Control Panel Power Requirements

 460/3/60, 20 AMPS

60 HP VFD Panel Power Requirements

460/3/60, 75 AMPS

Major Skid Weight

 ~16,500 LBS

Overall System Weight

 23,000 LBS

Download our Rental Catalytic Oxidizer Spec Sheet.