Thermal Oxidizer Services

Impartial, Onsite Services Tailored to Your Thermal Oxidizer System, Operation, and Pain Points

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Unbiased Service Experts for Thermal Oxidizers and Enclosed Flares

Our highly skilled field service technicians are experienced with all types, makes, and models of thermal oxidizers and enclosed flares, not just a certain manufacturer’s. Whatever your service challenge, they can troubleshoot your situation quickly and make any needed aftermarket repairs and upgrades – getting your production back online quickly and cost-effectively with a solution that helps you stay online. Our field team is specially and specifically trained to look beyond the superficial, “presenting” problem in order to solve hidden, underlying issues – so your oxidizer operates more reliably and lasts longer.

Our onsite technical services include thermal oxidizer inspections, maintenance, repairs, and upgrades for all types, makes, and models of oxidizers, including RTOs (regenerative thermal oxidizers), Catalytic Oxidizers, Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers, and Direct-fired Thermal Oxidizers. Additional, specialized thermal oxidizer services include burner maintenance, insulation repair, controls troubleshooting and upgrades, analysis of oxidizer performance, combustion system optimization, RTO Ceramic Media replacement, spare/critical parts packages, and Rapid Response Service Agreements for maximum uptime. We provide onsite, 24/7 emergency service nationwide.


Thermal Oxidizer & Enclosed Flare Inspections

Whether to ensure compliance with air quality permits or to assess the general condition and performance of a system, we provide thorough, on-site inspections of all types, makes, and models of thermal oxidizers. Our inspections include in-depth evaluations of system components, assemblies, and subassemblies as well as system controls to help improve performance, safety, and system reliability. For your convenience and to avoid production downtime, we can schedule our inspections and any subsequent repairs or maintenance to coincide with your planned shutdowns.

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Aftermarket Thermal Oxidizer and Enclosed Flare Services – Nationwide Service, 24/7/365

Some of the more common thermal oxidizer problems we regularly address include:

     • Troubleshooting, including why an oxidizer is not meeting DRE (Destruction Removal


     • Cleaning or replacing regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) media or oxidizer catalyst

     • Replacing or upgrading burners and gas trains

     • Poppet Valve and Diverter Valve repairs

     • Corrosion control and structural repairs

     • Insulation repair

     • Duct replacement and flow restrictions

     • Troubleshooting or upgrading operating controls including the operator interface,

        programmable controllers, and valve drives

     • Tuning and re-programming existing software programs

     • Oven and dryer rebuilds

     • Fan repairs, rebuilds, and balancing

     • Start-ups and commissionings

     • Rental oxidizers 

Because we know that some repairs are unknown and unforeseen, our technical team extends their reliability and timeliness to emergency repairs, guaranteeing you peace of mind under the most stressful situations. Contact us today to discuss your needed or emergency repairs for your thermal oxidizer system.


Thermal Oxidizer Upgrades, Retrofits and Rebuilds

Whether you need better system reliability, more capacity, or lower gas or electrical consumption, we can help. Call us for customized, turnkey solutions to help you:

     • Improve thermal oxidizer system efficiency and reliability

     • Lower natural gas costs / lower carbon footprint

     • Increase thermal efficiency

     • Increase capacity so you can add production

     • Improve particulate handling

     • Lower operating temperatures

     • Add real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance systems

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Catalytic Oxidizer Services

We also inspect, repair, and service all makes and models of catalytic oxidizers, and have extensive experience with Donaldson Catalytic Oxidizers and other oxidizers commonly used in the sterilization technologies market for the abatement of ethylene oxide (EtO) emissions. Our comprehensive services include catalyst inspection, removal and replacement as well as providing replacement parts.


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For maximum oxidizer reliability, we recommend a customized Rapid Response Service Agreement. Plans are tailored to your needs and include routine and scheduled inspections as well as a set number of unscheduled, emergency call-outs with a guaranteed maximum response time.