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Are Your Reliability Issues Related to Your Industrial Control System?

PolSys Services can help by designing a new controls package or updating your existing system to a new controls scheme providing higher reliability and less downtime. We can also troubleshoot and repair your current system with on-demand, onsite support services, PLC remote support, and/or field services.

Our team of Instrumentation and Electrical Engineers and Technicians have designed, engineered, fabricated, programmed, and commissioned robust industrial control solutions for a variety of industries and applications for over three decades. Whether you need a new electrical control system or an upgrade to your existing equipment, our solutions utilize the most cost-effective, current control technologies that are proven to be highly reliable and robust. While we specialize in industrial controls for air pollution control equipment including RTOs, thermal oxidizers and scrubbers, we also have extensive experience with control systems on automated equipment in many other industries – including ovens and dryers for animal feed, biomass, minerals, and much more.

We work with you to inspect and evaluate your current system, as well as review your processes and needs, to determine the most effective controls solution for quality, productivity, and lowest total cost of ownership. We can build systems based on existing electrical designs, or we can engineer custom designs in-house. Learn more about the benefits of upgrading.

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Services & Solutions:

    • Electrical Design

    • Programming / Reprogramming

                  o   PLC (Programmable Logic Controls) Programming – all major platforms

                  o   SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Programming

                  o   Operator Interface Programming

                  o   Process Controller Programming

    • Control Panel Fabrication

    • Telemetry Packages

    • Start-up, Installation & Commissioning

    • 24-hour Telephone Technical Support

    • Troubleshooting and Repairs

    • Control System Upgrades and Retrofits


Common PLC Platforms include:

    • Allen Bradley

    • Siemens

    • Modicon

    • GE-Fanuc


Common Applications include:

Data Acquisition & Telemetry
Harness the power of technology with data acquisition and telemetry services from PolSys. We’ll help you leverage useful production and performance metrics and configure monitoring, alarms, and reporting for deeper insight into your plant’s efficiencies and machine operations.


Fan & Pump Control
Automate fan speeds, fan and pump setpoints, and performance with our PLC/SCADA programming services. We can design custom sequences that work not only with RTOs and scrubbers but other types of plant machinery and processes.


Industrial Burner Systems
Our team can also configure and update your burner management system. Automating sequences and implementing performance tracking can help save on fuel costs and preduct maintenance issues before they occur, so you avoid downtime.


Industrial Electric Heaters
Using SCADA or PLC systems, we can help you automate electric heater sequences just like any fossil-fuel-powered heating system.


Manufacturing Equipment/Production Lines
Get the most out of your production lines and plant equipment by leveraging robust controls technology. Our engineering team has customized solutions to improve a variety of manufacturing and plant processes.


Programming Equipment
Virtually any machine sequence can be automated with industrial controls. Our experts have experience with all major PLC and SCADA platforms and can program new modules, build systems from scratch, or design custom functionality. We can help you control automated processes, adjust component setpoints, monitor machine performance and efficiency, and output data for completely streamlined production.


Industrial Air Emission Controls/Pollution Control Equipment
PolSys specializes in industrial air pollution abatement equipment. We have a wealth of experience configuring PLC modules and programming custom sequences for RTOs, thermal oxidizers, scrubbers, and other types of air pollution control equipment. From troubleshooting control errors to scratch programming, we stand ready to help keep your systems online and operating efficiently.

    • Odor Control

    • Temperature Control

    • Industrial Boiler and Furnace Heating Control

    • Industrial Motor Control

    • Industrial Fan Control

    • Industrial Dust Control

    • Power Control (Startup and Shutdown sequences)


Control Panel Fabrication

All panels are custom-built using the highest quality components with efficient layouts that meet the latest NEC and/or UL508a standards. We can also retrofit existing control panels or create a custom design to meet your needs. Precise electrical schematics with intuitive, easy-to-read layouts are provided with every design.

Industrial Controls - Repairs

PolSys services, troubleshoots, and repairs industrial control systems for all types of machines. We specialize in controls for air pollution control equipment, including regenerative thermal oxidizers, other types of thermal oxidizers, scrubbers, and more. LEARN MORE ▶