Oxidizer Onsite & Field Services –
Troubleshooting Air Pollution Equipment

Troubleshooting Air Pollution Equipment

PolSys Services provides a complete suite of air pollution system technical services that allows us to identify, develop and apply the appropriate solution for our customers’ issue.

As a company that exclusively services air pollution equipment, we provide only the most efficient and highest quality work. This is enabled by our decades of experience and proficiency in this industry. And because of our comprehensive capabilities, PolSys Services delivers the best value to our customers by having the ability to address multiple issues collectively (thus save saving time and money), while maintaining the operating objectives in focus.

Oxidizer Onsite and Field Services

It all starts with an assessment that our engineers and technicians conduct on your current system, onsite or in the field, to measure its performance against your goals and industry standards. Our staff evaluates destruction rates, air flow rates, burner performance, gas trains, electro-mechanical components and, with an in-depth understanding of your application, recommends a cost-effective solution to meet your requirements. If a system requires repair or maintenance to restore or improve performance, flow rates, operation, or reliability, our evaluation provides the recommended corrective action. Our experienced service technicians can also make the subsequent repairs and/or modifications, if so desired.

The evaluation is often the first step in designing and specifying upgrades or identifying the need for a more serious solution. For full description of all our capabilities, see below.

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Services

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers can offer much lower operating costs compared to other emission control technologies, but proper maintenance is essential. 

Thermal Oxidizer Services

Regular onsite inspections, preventative maintenance (PM), and service of thermal oxidizers and enclosed flares help maximize uptime.

Catalytic Oxidizer Services

Expert onsite inspections, preventative maintenance (PM), and service of catalytic oxidizers help ensure high performance, reliability, and compliance.

Scrubber Services

It is extremely important to conduct scrubber repairs, retrofits and upgrades as soon as they are needed.

Burner and Gas Train Services

Due to our experience, PolSys Services has the ability to engineer, implement, and commission all of your industrial burner service needs.

Equipment Programming

PolSys Services designs, engineers, fabricates, programs, and commissions robust equipment programming and control solutions for a variety of industries.

Staff Training

Our comprehensive training on oxidizers, scrubbers, burners/gas trains, and other air abatement systems is tailored to your unique application and process conditions.

Installation, Start-ups & Commissioning

PolSys Services focuses exclusively on the service of air-control equipment and therefore maintains an in-depth knowledge of the industry and most current technology.