Not all process applications require a permanent solution for air pollution control. However, when operators discover that a process temporarily (or unexpectedly) demands it, renting equipment may be a more logical and cost-effective solution for the issue. PolSys Services leases both rental oxidizer and rental particulate scrubber systems for circumstances in which purchasing new equipment is non-essential, but air pollution control is still required. We also offer used oxidizers for sale.

Thermal Oxidizer and Scrubber Rentals

Portable and temporary rental thermal oxidizers, catalytic oxidizers and scrubbers are available to support continuing operations in a variety of situations.

Common situations where a rental oxidizer or scrubber may be appropriate:

  • Temporary requirements to treat a defined amount of waste materials (as might be found in remediation applications)
  • Emergency operating situations to supplement or replace existing air pollution control equipment.
  • Planned short-term needs such as maintenance of existing air pollution equipment
  • Pilot trial to assess the effectiveness of oxidation as a long-term solution

Rental Convenience

All of our provided rental air pollution equipment is designed to support a variety of processes and is optimized for ease of use. Our systems operate independently of your operation due to fully automated and integrated control packages. Additionally, our rental oxidizers offer either natural gas or propane burner and gas train arrangements for maximum flexibility. Our rentals are either trailer or skid-mounted for easy transportation to, and within, your site and this portability also allows for a diminished shipping time and cost. Likewise, commissioning and start-up of our rental equipment is typically accomplished by just a one-day site visit from our field engineers.

Ready to rent? Contact us today for information on rental system availability, duration and price.

Still unsure if a rental is appropriate? We can help. Our technical group can quickly evaluate your complete process conditions and assess the suitability of our rental equipment to meet your needs. Contact us today to discuss your operation objectives and determine if one of our rentals is the right fit for your application.

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