Houston/Gulf Coast Area Services

Houston’s Leading Provider of Onsite Technical Services for Oxidizers, Scrubbers, and Industrial Burners

Headquartered just north of Houston, Texas, PolSys Services is the first company in the nation to specialize in onsite technical services for all makes and models of air pollution control equipment and industrial burners. We remain the #1 choice of Gulf Coast facilities for oxidizer/RTO inspections, troubleshooting, repair, upgrades, preventative maintenance evaluations, and reliability enhancements – including control system upgrades, which can make a huge difference in RTO performance and system life. 

Unlike other aftermarket service companies, we’re 100% impartial. We don’t manufacture air pollution control equipment, so we have no incentive to direct you toward a certain oxidizer/scrubber make or model or “overlook” system design issues. We’ll inform you of any defect we find, including design and installation flaws. Your original equipment manufacturer is not incentivized to do this.

Our expertise extends beyond mechanical understanding to an in-depth knowledge of the key indicators of the true health of thermal oxidizers, RTOs (regenerative thermal oxidizers), scrubbers, and burners/gas trains. We help Houston customers maximize system performance and minimize downtime, while meeting compliance standards.

Our Houston-area technical services include:

    • RTO/Oxidizer Inspections, Repairs & Upgrades

    • Scrubber Inspections, Repairs & Upgrades

    • Burner/Gas Train NFPA-compliant Inspections, Repairs and Rebuilds

    • Ceramic Media Replacements

    • Rental Systems

    • Replacement Parts

    • Emergency Repairs (24/7 Service)

    • Industrial Automation and Control System Services 


Our Texas-based field service team is strategically located and stands ready to respond to your needs quickly and cost-effectively. For much of the Houston metro area, we can be onsite at your facility in an hour or less for emergency services. Call us at 713-999-1100.

Improve Reliability, Safety, and Uptime

To help insure your system against unplanned downtime, we also offer full-scale, customizable Service Agreements with guaranteed emergency response times unparalleled in the Houston area, a set number of semi-annual and annual inspections, telephone technical support, labor discounts, parts discounts, and comprehensive onsite training.

Industries Served in Houston:

Biotech & Life Sciences
Chemical Processing
Natural Gas Processing
Oil & Gas
Petrochemical Processing
Wastewater Treatment

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