Onsite Inspections

Onsite Inspections of Thermal Oxidizers, Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs), Scrubbers, and Burners.


Whether for purposes of compliance with annual safety code requirements or to gauge the general condition and performance of a system, PolSys Services provides thorough, on-site, internal/external inspections of all types of air pollution control equipment, including thermal oxidizers, regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs), scrubbers, and burners/gas trains.


Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) Inspection
Our field technicians screen for maintenance issues, operational concerns, NFPA and air permit code compliance, and any recommended safety-related system upgrades. Our reports are detailed, thorough, and backed up with photographs.

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At PolSys Services, we specialize in all makes and models of air pollution control equipment and industrial burners, so we provide impartial recommendations along with responsive support and expert answers. Our team doesn’t just identify presenting problems – we can identify underlying issues, including potential system design flaws (especially important with RTOs and other oxidizers).


Since we’re not a manufacturer of thermal oxidizers, RTOs, or scrubbers, we’re 100% impartial. We’ll inform you of any defect we find, including design and installation flaws. Your original equipment manufacturer is not incentivized to do this.


What does a thermal oxidizer, RTO or scrubber inspection include?

During an industrial oxidizer, burner or scrubber inspection, our field technicians and engineers identify any potential or existing problems, paying special attention to any specific concerns that have been expressed by the operator. Our comprehensive oxidizer, burner and scrubber inspections include the exhaustive evaluation of:


    • System components

    • System controls & gauges

    • System temperatures

    • Control Panel

    • Fuel regulators

    • Interlocks

    • Valves and Switches

    • Monitoring Devices

    • Strainers

    • Existing deficiencies, including any design flaws

    • Key parts and instruments


We include a detailed report that includes all findings and recommendations, as well as photographic documentation, with each inspection. This report can be a vital part of your regulatory record-keeping and includes:


    • An upfront summary of the general condition of the system, highlighting critical action items

    • Recommended maintenance actions, ranked in order or importance

    • A comprehensive listing of all tasks performed onsite

    • Photographs of all findings


At the conclusion of the air pollution system inspection, your operators have a clear indication of the status of your system, as well as the recommended measures to improve it. 


Why choose PolSys Services for your next inspection?
Impartial assessments mean better system reliability, safe operation & compliance

With other service providers, inspections of thermal oxidizers, RTOs, scrubbers and burner systems tend to focus on general wear and tear of the system and blatant operational issues. Often overlooked are predictive problem indicators like design or installation flaws, growing system inefficiencies, and component performance degradation. We take system inspections much further than other service providers because we know that regular, detailed inspections are vital to better decision-making, which leads to improved reliability, safe operation, and continued compliance. 


At the heart of every PolSys inspection is our industry-leading R.I.S.C™ System, a proprietary, robust, comprehensive software platform that provides many important features and benefits not available anywhere else. This comprehensive, proprietary inspection platform features:


    • Powerful Detail unmatched in the industry

    • Consistent Inspections (software prevents field technicians from overlooking anything)

    • Easy Data Tracking

    • Centralized Digital Archive of Inspection Reports & Repairs

    • Anywhere, Anytime Access to Historical Records


Learn more about The 5 Ways Our Inspections are Unlike Any Other.


Post-inspection, we work with you to resolve any issues that have been uncovered during the evaluation and can repair or perform maintenance on the air pollution control equipment, if you so prefer. For customer convenience, we schedule the inspections and maintenance to fit your calendar and coincide with planned shut-downs (including weekends and holidays), so your downtime is nonexistent.


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Thermal Imaging Evaluations
Our thermal imaging cameras translate thermal energy (heat) into visible light in order to analyze air pollution control equipment. These cameras help determine the condition of key components like insulation or refractory in an oxidizer, or the machine health of fans, pumps, and motors. Hot spots show areas of weakness or damage so these issues can be addressed, reducing auxiliary fuel costs, avoiding more costly repairs in the future, and preventing downtime. Learn how an RTO works.


Thermal image of regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO)

Safety & NFPA Compliance Inspections
NFPA standards can change periodically, so we are frequently asked to perform NFPA upgrades in order to ensure a burner meets current standards. If you’re concerned about NFPA compliance, call us for a burner safety check, full burner system analysis, and/or upgrade.