About Us

Specialized, Impartial Technical Expertise.

PolSys Services is the leading provider of onsite technical services for all makes and models of air pollution control equipment, including RTOs and other types of thermal oxidizers, scrubbers, burners/gas trains, and more. We also specialize in repairing and upgrading industrial control systems. As a Pollution Systems Solutions Company, we have the engineering knowledge and technical expertise necessary to go beyond the surface to not only fix the pressing problem, but also solve the underlying issue. With an evaluation of your problem and an assessment of your unique process and operating goals, we develop the best service solution to address your immediate concern and meet your requirements – so you can focus on your business.


24/7 Nationwide Service. Headquartered in Houston (TX), PolSys Services provides a complete suite of on- and off-site services throughout the United States and internationally. Our unparalleled technical expertise, on-site field experience, and specialized knowledge of air pollution control, burner systems and industrial control systems have made us a trusted service partner for companies in a wide variety of industries, including:


    • Animal Feed

    • Automotive

    • Can Manufacturing/Metal Packaging

    • Chemical Processing

    • Coil Coating/Metal Decorating

    • Electronics/Semiconductors

    • Ethanol/Biodiesel

    • Food/Bakery

    • Landfill Gas/Energy Recovery

    • Mining

    • Natural Gas Processing

    • Paint/Coatings/Solvents

    • Petrochemical Processing

    • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

    • Printing/Laminating/Flexible Packaging

    • Tank Degassing

    • Wastewater Treatment (Industrial/Municipal)


Our company culture is centered on safety, and our staff translates this priority from the office to the worksite. (Read our COVID-19 comments and commitment.) PolSys is an active member of the Houston Area Safety Council, and we participate in OSHA Compliance Safety Programs every year. We are also a proud member of the Global Methane Initiative Project. 


Our Commitment to Sustainability

PolSys Services provides sustainable air pollution control services that help companies reduce their environmental impact while achieving their operational goals and improving value for our stakeholders. With each project, we strive to:


    • Minimize environmental impact

    • Ensure environmental compliance

    • Prioritize safety and safe system operation

    • Optimize material use

    • Conserve energy

    • Maximize system life

    • Prevent costly future repairs

    • Lower total cost of ownership


We believe truly sustainable solutions are safe, innovative, cost effective, and long lasting. They ensure cleaner air today as well as for future generations. To that end, we place a high priority on training and developing our team of technicians and engineers so they are equipped to provide the most advantageous solution for your unique challenges.


Let us help you do more with less. Contact us at info@polsys.com for more information.