Industrial System Commissioning

Outsourcing air pollution service projects provides many benefits for facilities that don’t have the expert staff to tackle such matters. PolSys Services focuses exclusively on the service of air-control equipment and therefore maintains an in-depth knowledge of the industry and most-current technology. This allows for customer issues to be solved immediately, worry-free and without setbacks.


Companies also don’t have to gamble on whether or not a problem is solved by using existing staff (which often exacerbate the issues), and can be confident that the work will be executed correctly, quickly and be conveniently scheduled.


Air Pollution Control System Start-Up and Commissioning

Proper start-up, commissioning and relocation of air pollution control equipment are imperative to the long-term performance and reliability of the system. Improper installation and commissioning are chief sources of premature failures, and could indicate that a system will quickly become defunct.


Our field service engineers have extensive, hands-on experience with installations, system start-ups and commissioning, which guarantees that your industrial equipment is installed properly and meets the design standards for operation, from the very beginning. Contact PolSys Services today to begin your project.