In industrial settings, the proper functioning of oxidizers, scrubbers, and burner systems is crucial for both safety and efficiency. These components play important roles in various processes, from controlling emissions to ensuring optimal combustion. Regular inspections are essential to identify and address potential issues, thereby preventing accidents and optimizing performance. Often overlooked problems can include installation flaws, system inefficiencies, and simple wear and tear. These issues are considered out-of-date and no longer meet NFPA standards, often resulting in safety regulations.

At PolSys, we consider system inspections detail-worthy because we know that consistent inspections are crucial to system reliability, safe operation, and smooth compliance. At the core of every individual PolSys inspection is our industry-leading R.I.S.C. (Reliability Improvement, Safety, Compliance) System, a proprietary, robust, comprehensive software platform that provides many important features and benefits that are scarce anywhere else.

The R.I.S.C. System

The R.I.S.C. System supports incredibly thorough and high quality inspections to meet every necessary requirement and standard. Whether inspecting for safety violations or testing for system compliance errors, our professionals provide exhaustive, component-level results. While we remain mindful of issues addressed by operators , we also provide a lengthy evaluation of all system components and subcomponents, assemblies and subassemblies, control systems, and process-related conditions. A report will come with professional recommendations, as well as photo documentation of each inspection. Recommendations are broken down based on concern severity, so customers will understand which issues need to be acknowledged immediately and what fixes can be planned for the near future.

Regular Inspections

The R.I.S.C. system calls for consistent, thorough inspections in order to report accurate findings. Performed annually, having inspections take place consistently ensures components and assemblies are professionally assessed each year. Keeping up with annual inspections can help anticipate maintenance needs. This makes it possible for corporations to plan outages rather than having unexpected shutdowns. 


The R.I.S.C. document database is accessible not only to our professional technicians, but also to our PolSys customers through our integrated customer portal. The customer simply logs in to a secure, private, portal in order to access all the data they need. This data can include the current condition, past repairs of components in their air pollution control equipment.

Ready to take your inspections – and operation – to the next level? We provide onsite, R.I.S.C. System inspections of all makes and models of oxidizers, scrubbers and burners/gas trains. Contact us today!