RTO Ceramic Media Services – Ceramic Saddles & Tower Packing

The condition of a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer’s (RTO) ceramic media is crucial to system performance. Effective ceramic media enable the RTO to function correctly and a well-functioning system supports continuing operations along with environmental compliance. An RTO that is not functioning as intended, however, could negatively reduce production and increase operating costs.


Ceramic saddles and tower packing become plugged or damaged over time and reaches a point where bake-outs no longer restore its performance. Consequently, the ceramic media must be replaced in order to once again establish the essential RTO’s full flow-rate capacity and utilization. Read our Media Replacement Case Study and our Rotary RTO Case Study.


Turnkey Ceramic Media Replacements

PolSys Services provides and installs new ceramic media to restore your system and improve your operation. Our experienced field-service staff addresses your concerns by:

    • Analyzing your system and identifying your issue (“6 Signs Your RTO Needs New Media ASAP“)

    • Selecting the appropriate high-quality replacement ceramic media (“Types of Ceramic Media: Pros & Cons“)

    • Conducting a thorough ceramic media replacement from start to finish

Different factors can impact the effectiveness of ceramic media within a system. Time and particulate-load in the airstream can deteriorate the media itself, while selecting unsuitable ceramic media can create significant capacity limitations and major system inefficiencies. If poor performance perpetually persists even after a bake-out, then a ceramic media replacement should be considered. 


The key indication that the ceramic saddle or tower packing needs replacing is either high pressure drop across the bed or low temperature changes across the media. A high pressure drop likely indicates that the media bed has become blinded or that the media has started disintegrating; while lower than expected temperature changes are consistent with channeling in the media bed.


Our experienced field personnel are able to determine whether media replacement is required or if other corrective measures should be implemented. If we determine that media replacement is necessary, PolSys Services is able to provide a turnkey solution including removal of the faulty media and the supply and installation of new and suitable media at your location.


This service also includes a full inspection of the equipment and insulation, minor repairs, disposal and start-up of the system. Learn how an RTO works.


To request a media replacement, or to determine if media replacement is necessary, contact us today.  

Buy Structured Media

Structured ceramic media offers the highest heat exchange properties and lowest pressure drop.


Buy Random Packed Media

Ceramic standard random packed saddles are the type of media more commonly used in RTOs to provide heat retention.