Minneapolis Area Services

Air Pollution Control Experts Serving Minneapolis (RTOs, Scrubbers, Oxidizers & Burners/Gas Trains)

Why PolSys Services?


1. We’re air pollution control specialists. At PolSys Services, we specialize in servicing Minneapolis-area Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs), oxidizers, scrubbers and industrial burner systems. Our Senior Field Engineers and Technicians have decades of experience servicing just this type of equipment on site. Underlying issues are remedied, not just the immediate problem.


2. We’re impartial. Since we’re not a manufacturer of equipment, we’re impartial. We’ll inform you of any defect we find, including design and installation flaws. Your original equipment manufacturer is not incentivized to do this.


3. In-depth Experience. We have decades of experience with all makes and models of air pollution control equipment in a wide range of industries in the Minneapolis area, including:

    • Electronics

    • Food processing

    • Manufacturing (read our article in Manufacturing Today)

    • Medical Products

    • Printing/Graphic Arts

    • View more industries


Learn more about our:

    • Onsite Inspections

    • RTO Services

    • Oxidizer Services

    • Scrubber Services

    • Burner/Gas Train Services

    • Commissioning Services

    • Ceramic Media Replacement

    • Rental Systems

    • Service Agreements

    • Industrial Automation and Control Systems