Scrubber Services

Various factors in addition to time and use can cause a chemical or particulate scrubber to degrade and operate less efficiently. Unfortunately, if your equipment is not working properly, your operations could be negatively affected, and because of this, it is extremely important to conduct scrubber repairs, retrofits and upgrades as soon as they are needed.


PolSys Services repairs and refurbishes all types of wet scrubbers, and most commonly addresses the following issues:

    • Corrosion removal/repair

    • Instrumentation replacement, calibration, tuning

    • Motor, fan, pump, and metering pump maintenance/repair

    • Equipment wash-outs

Air pollution control equipment is a valuable and expensive company asset that should be continuously maintained for optimum performance. For operators who want to be confident that their system will be repaired at the slightest sign of defect, PolSys Services offers yearly service agreements that safeguard control equipment and include routine inspections. Our experienced technical team has the knowledge and ability to conduct the repairs needed to prevent your system from malfunctioning or to restore your scrubber to its original effectiveness (or better).


Contact us to confirm all needed repairs around your schedule, or if you require emergency repairs and/or service on your system.

Scrubber System Upgrades

Because of our constant and up-to-date industry knowledge, PolSys Services has the ability to bring the benefit of new technology to your installed equipment. System performance, efficiency, and reliability can be added more quickly and be more cost-effective, than obtaining a completely new equipment or system. Whether you’re considering an upgrade to an existing piece of equipment or to an entire system, we are able to design and implement the best action to achieve your desired outcome. Contact us to discuss what upgrades should be conducted on your existing system.


For maximum system reliability, many of our customers with scrubbers choose a Rapid Response Service Agreement.