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Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs) play a crucial role in controlling air pollution by efficiently treating and purifying industrial exhaust gasses. One of the key components of an RTO is the media, which plays a part in the thermal oxidation process. Over time, this media can degrade, affecting the overall performance of the RTO. There comes a point when replacing the media may be the best option for restoring your RTO to improve its functionality. If you’re curious about the state of your media or are suspecting mechanical maintenance is needed, here are a few things to look out for:


Decreased Efficiency

One important thing to notice is if the RTO displays decreased efficiency. The primary function of an RTO is to eliminate harmful pollutants from industrial emissions through high-temperature combustion. As the media becomes worn out or damaged, the RTO’s efficiency can decline. If you notice a decrease in the destruction efficiency or a rise in emissions, it may be a sign that the media needs maintenance. The RTO is also manufactured to operate within specific temperatures, and operating in higher temperature ranges can be a sign of decreased efficiency.


Pressure Drop Increase

Another red flag would be the point in which the pressure drop increases. Media degradation can lead to increased pressure drop across the RTO system. Pressure drop is a crucial warning that indicates resistance to airflow. As the media deteriorates, the pressure drop can rise, impacting the overall performance of the oxidizer. This can indicate that the media bed is fouled or that the media has endured physical damage. Regularly monitoring pressure drop and taking note of any significant increases can help in identifying media issues.


Strange Noises

Working in this industry, you’ll be able to recognize mechanical issues based on the sounds a machine makes or doesn’t make. Any unusual noises or vibrations coming from the RTO could be a sign of mechanical issues, including problems with the media. Media breakdown or deterioration can create irregular airflow patterns, causing vibrations or unusual sounds. Regular inspections and listening for unusual noises can help in detecting potential media-related problems.

Let our experienced Field Engineers and Field Technicians evaluate your RTO’s media before it causes more complex issues. If we determine a media replacement is needed, we can provide an effective solution that avoids production downtime. Our end-of-year schedules book quickly, so call (713) 999-1100 to confirm your service date! Requesting a quote is just a click away!