Burner Systems

Inspections of oxidizers, scrubbers, and burner systems tend to focus on general wear and tear of the system and blatant operational issues. Often overlooked are predictive problem indicators like design or installation flaws, growing system inefficiencies, and component performance degradation. What’s more, burners and gas trains are frequently evaluated using out-of-date NFPA standards – creating potentially major safety and code compliance vulnerabilities.

At PolSys, we take system inspections much further because we know that regular, detailed inspections are vital to better decision-making, which leads to improved reliability, safe operation, and continued compliance. At the heart of every PolSys inspection is our industry-leading R.I.S.C.TM (Reliability Improvement, Safety, Compliance) System, a proprietary, robust, comprehensive software platform that provides many important features and benefits not available anywhere else.

The R.I.S.C. System includes:

  • Powerful Detail. The R.I.S.C. System provides for an extremely thorough and detailed inspection, truly unmatched in the industry. Whether inspecting for safety code compliance or gauging general system performance, our Field Service Engineer or Technician brings a tablet loaded with an exhaustive, component-level checklist. While we pay special attention to any specific concerns expressed by operators, we also provide an exhaustive evaluation of all system components and subcomponents, assemblies and subassemblies, control systems, and process-related conditions. A detailed report which includes all findings and recommendations, as well as photo documentation, is included with each inspection. Recommendations are broken down based on severity, so customers understand which issues need to be addressed immediately and which ones can wait for a planned outage.
  • Consistent Inspections. R.I.S.C. yields a consistently thorough inspection report of findings. Performed at least annually, this ensures the same components and assemblies are thoroughly and properly assessed each and every time. (In fact, the software will not allow a field Engineer or Technician to overlook any aspect of the inspection process.) This consistency helps facilities anticipate maintenance needs so they can schedule necessary planned repairs, thus improving reliability, optimizing productivity, and minimizing costs due to unexpected shutdowns. The software also ensures that burner systems and gas trains conform to the most up-to-date NFPA standards.
  • Easy Data Tracking. R.I.S.C. provides a centralized solution for managing inspection, quotations, and service order documents. Its comprehensive, historical database allows for the tracking of important measures that affect system cost-effectiveness, leading to a reduced operational expense (e.g., lower gas consumption) and better predictive maintenance. This, in turn, promotes continuous systemic improvement, increased uptime, and better ROI.
  • Centralized Digital Archive of Repairs. Having a single, organized, easy-to-manage digital archive of inspection and repair reports – a complete maintenance history – means historical documents won’t get lost or misplaced, regardless of employee turnover. Staff can access all the data they need concerning the current condition and past repairs of every component in their air pollution control equipment. What’s more, many air permits today require the maintenance of historical repair and inspection documents for compliance.
  • Anywhere, Any Time Access. The R.I.S.C. document database is accessible not only to Field Engineers and Technicians but also directly to PolSys customers through our integrated customer portal. The customer simply logs in to a secure, password-protected portal available on the Polsys.com website in order to access all the data they need concerning the current condition and past repairs of components in their air pollution control equipment.

Ready to take your inspections – and operation – to the next level? We provide onsite, R.I.S.C. System inspections of all makes and models of oxidizers, scrubbers and burners/gas trains. Contact us today.


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