Ceramic Media

Oxidizer Media Replacement Restores Performance

Not only was metal container manufacturing company experiencing significant operating issues with their Eisenmann 40,000 SCFM Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO), they were also concerned about failing an upcoming air compliance test. Overall pressure drop across the system was high, and pressure imbalances were reducing process flow rates. Temperature and pressure imbalances, along with opaque exhaust during monthly media bake-outs, indicated plugging in the media.

Because of our many years of experience in the can manufacturing market and our experience with RTOs, the company called us to remove and replace the plugged ceramic media. Our engineers carefully analyzed exhaust flow rates, VOC loading, particulate concerns, and system specifications to recommend the installation of a higher-end layered structured ceramic media specifically designed for greater resistance to condensate and particulate plugging. Read our Media Replacement Case Study.




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