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Recently, a compressed air processing plant in the Southwest requested help with an RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer) that was over-temping when the burner was a minimum fire. It was decided that the best, most cost-effective long-term fix would be to upgrade the controls to enable auto-therming capabilities, allowing the unit to run on process stream without having the burner online. While implementing this solution on-site, however, our field technician ran into an unexpected challenge due to one of the poppet valves failing to extend. After an exhaustive internal inspection of the poppet valves, the tech discovered he needed to replace hardware on the poppet disks. The additional work required him to extend his time on-site significantly. Our customer was so pleased with our service, he reached out with this email of praise:

“I would like to take time and tell you how much I appreciate the work and effort [your field technician] put into getting the RTO running for us. He was focused on making the unit run and run right before he left. He stuck with the job and made us feel important. He came out late on one of the nights to make adjustments after the unit had gone down, and the unit has run ever since. He did all this without one single complaint and one mention of having to leave town by a set time. He was very helpful and honest with us the entire time. I would like to request him to return to do a yearly maintenance or inspection for us when it is due. As a manager I just wanted to pass this along to you knowing that we were well taken care of.” – Scott M., Operation Lead



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