The Value and Gains of a Service Agreement

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs) control industrial emissions from operational processes at significantly lower operating costs compared to other technologies, such as recuperative thermal oxidizers and fume incinerators, in today’s market.

To ensure the best performance of your RTOs, required inspections, preventative maintenance, repairs, and equipment upgrades are essential to ensure high reliability and lower cost of ownership. It also ensures compliance with increasingly stringent air permits and regulations put in place for industrial applications. All of those requirements can be easily achieved through a service agreement.

Maintenance Checks, Inspections & Compliance
Comprehensive upkeep and routine upgrades fight RTO system degradation that can occur over time so your application isn’t negatively affected by reduced treatment efficiency and effectiveness. However, scheduling maintenance checks that consistently meet regulatory requirements and ensure a long lifespan of your RTO ensures your return on investment is met quickly and efficiently. If maintenance checks are not done in a timely manner, it can result in fines as well as an increased risk of RTO replacement rather than repair as the system’s damage becomes a bigger issue. A service agreement can facilitate the preservation of your RTOs while also providing additional benefits related to compliance and overall cost.

No air pollution control system can operate with high reliability and efficiency year over year without proper inspections and timely, skilled maintenance, Defective or inefficient parts, equipment, or fuel gas trains can result in fugitive emissions, compliance violations, and an unsafe work environment. Not only can safety and compliance issues be costly in terms of fines, they often damage public relations and brand equity. If you don’t properly and regularly inspect and maintain your equipment, the results can be significant. When signing a service agreement, Polsys Services ensures regular maintenance and inspections are performed—avoiding potential audits and fines. This also decreases downtime and increased efficiency, which are known major factors for industrial processes. Service agreements from PolSys Services ensure that more than the bare minimum is done, giving managers and other employees peace of mind while saving the business money.

Trusted Technicians
Signing a service agreement with anyone, without performing proper research, can be risky. For your business, you want to ensure that the company performing all maintenance checks and inspections understands that it is not a one-size-fits-all, but rather each business has its own unique applications and needs that should be considered and addressed. At PolSys Services, we offer high-level, experienced service technicians that are able to customize your agreement to meet all your needs, making sure nothing is left out and can add additional stress. We offer over 35 years of collective experience, allowing businesses to trust us to get the job done right the first time.

Protection During Unplanned Downtime
Nothing is more stressful than an unforeseen issue that suddenly halts operations and negatively impacts production. Emergency situations will occur in every industrial application and often leave operators scrambling for an immediate solution that won’t break the budget. PolSys Services understands and fulfills the need for reliable and timely problem-solving. We take it a step further by being proactive and minimizing the probability of unanticipated shut-downs by providing preventative maintenance (PM) plans, as well as oxidizer and scrubber service contracts, on a yearly basis. These customized preventative maintenance plans improve system reliability, optimize energy consumption, and reduce production downtime and losses that could result from unexpected air pollution control equipment failures.

Optimize System Reliability
Along with a plan of action and peace of mind, our service agreement provides you with a predetermined number of visits to inspect and service your equipment on site along with a number of emergency call-outs with a guaranteed response time. This oxidizer, scrubber or burner service contract allows us to perform routine and scheduled inspections and monitoring to minimize unplanned outages and to identify and prevent future issues that could be detrimental to vital operations. Our air pollution equipment preventative maintenance plans include:

  • A set number of emergency call-outs to ensure maximum uptime
  • Guaranteed response times for call-outs
  • Semi-annual/annual inspections for each system included in the agreement
  • Advanced 24/7 telephone support if needed
  • Discounted service labor and travel rates
  • Staff training
  • Optional remote monitoring of systems
  • Optional additional preventative maintenance technology
  • Detailed service reports on all work performed

Our oxidizer and scrubber service contracts cover any and all types of air pollution equipment, regardless of make or model. And because we know that every application is unique, service agreements are tailored to meet your specific needs. And when those needs change over time, we can evaluate, upgrade and/or retrofit your system before it brings you down.

Decreased Costs with Longer System Life
When we inspect your oxidizer, scrubber or burner, we ensure that your equipment and systems are running efficiently and cost-effectively. Even small operational inefficiencies can significantly impact your bottom line. Often, we can make recommendations that will immediately help lower fuel and operating costs. What’s more, scheduled, proper system maintenance means fewer future oxidizer repair issues.

The better care you take of your equipment, the longer it will last. The timely repair of critical components is key to the effective and efficient operation of air pollution control systems. For example, any leaks, flaws or degradation of RTO Diverter Valve seals should be addressed immediately to avoid compliance or reliability issues.

If your facility is operating at or near capacity, these agreements can pay for themselves many times over in increased system reliability, safety, and compliance. Regardless of the issue you would like to address, our experience and knowledge of all types of air abatement technologies and processes allow us to assess your situation and quickly address any needed equipment repairs and upgrades. Contact PolSys Services today to discuss your repair/upgrade needs or to inquire about a customized service agreement for your business.


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