Industrial Automation & Controls – Expert Service, Repair & Troubleshooting

Industrial Control System Service and Repair


Expert Troubleshooting and Repair


When it comes to thermal oxidizers, scrubbers, and other types of air pollution control equipment, we are uniquely qualified to handle virtually any type of electronic control failure. No one in the industry has more experience with control systems for these types of systems.

While we specialize in industrial control repairs and troubleshooting for air pollution control equipment, we also have extensive experience performing diagnostic analysis and repairs on automated equipment for a wide variety of other applications and industries. Our engineers and technicians can triage simple and complex control system bugs, machine failures, and process interruptions. By deploying leading-edge remote monitoring and diagnostics capabilities we can quickly identify and troubleshoot issues in real time. If you have electronic controls, we can help you get back up and running quickly, safely, and economically. 

On-demand Support Services – To help optimize control system performance, predict future issues before they occur, improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and reduce maintenance costs.

PLC Remote Support – Remotely, we can troubleshoot and program PLCs, view and control your HMI, assist in complex electrical issues, and support our field technicians.

Field Services – Capabilities include troubleshooting systems, whether the problem lies with the PLC program, system wiring, instrumentation, VFDs or any other control system component. We can also provide on-site consultation on retrofits and upgrades for older/outdated equipment.

Over the years, we have serviced:

  • Drives (VFDs)
  • HMIs
  • PLCs
  • PCBs
  • CNCs
  • Hydraulics
  • Motor Speed Controls
  • Sensors
  • Temperature Controllers
  • Servo Motors
  • Many more – even rare brands and machines

We understand the importance of getting your controls repaired and your machine back online as soon as possible. Our team of senior-level engineers and technicians possess years of proven experience in automation, and can make repairs onsite or offsite depending on your needs. We offer single item repair as well as total repair management.

Avoid Lost Production Due to Unscheduled Downtime

We know that every instance of unplanned downtime can wipe out multiple months’ of plant profit. With each repair, we look for ways to enhance your operations – to improve the performance and overall reliability of your oxidizer, scrubber, or other piece of machinery. We can make recommendations to improve aging systems and/or offer a free quote on a control system upgrade. Our experience includes on-site modification of control panels as well as custom-designed/build replacement systems.