Production Line Down? Catch Up on Maintenance & Upgrades

Use Downtime to Stay Up to Date on Thermal Oxidizer Maintenance and Industrial Controls

Why not use the unplanned downtime to complete maintenance or perform upgrades? As operations seem to be in a constant state of motion, shutdowns are typically your best bet in getting in the required maintenance done for your air pollution control equipment.

Now could be an ideal opportunity to conduct annual oxidizer or scrubber inspections, preventative system maintenance, burner tuning, and NFPA safety inspections. Inadequately maintained systems can cause reliability, safety, and compliance issues, leading to production disruptions and increased operational costs into next year. You don’t want to risk a costly system replacement in the future.

This would also be a good time to upgrade your control system, especially if your current system is no longer supported by the manufacturer. As our economy is still bouncing back from the pandemic, parts and components still have long lead times and it is imperitive to get ahead of the curve for preventative maintenance. Older control systems may not allow for market competitiveness in such an environment – particularly if you’re having to source parts on eBay!

Your line may be inactive, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s no money available for upgrades. Many lenders are anxious to invest in businesses now, especially facilities with a strategic plan to use the investment for business improvements. Upgrades to your control system will result in many long-term benefits and may help you capture more market share in the future.

Preserving the longevity of your equipment and improving the efficiency of your operations are always wise choices. In fact, they may be the keys to weathering the uncertainty of the future.


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