Rental Systems

Portable Oxidizer Long & Short-Term Rentals

Stay compliant during planned shutdowns, pilot trials, and emergency situations with our fleet of portable, convenient, cost-effective rental thermal oxidizers.


Our rental thermal oxidizers are capable of processing both high VOC and low VOC-laden air in a wide range of applications. These easy-to-use units feature industrial-quality components and fully automated, integrated controls that allow them to operate independent of your process. Natural gas or propane burner and gas train arrangements are available.

Applications include:

  • Tank degassing
  • Pipeline degassing
  • Chemical processing
  • Planned shutdowns
  • Pilot trials
  • Emergency shutdowns
  • A wide range of industries and applications – call us to learn more! (713) 999-1100

System features include:

  • Trailer or skid-mounted for mobility
  • Easy to use – we train your operators or can provide one
  • Fully automated, integrated controls (no intrusion into your process)
  • Epoxy-coated carbon steel outer shell
  • High-temperature ceramic insulation
  • Two (2) oxidizer process blowers with VFDs
  • Natural gas or propane primary burner
  • NFPA-compliant gas train
  • Stainless steel exhaust stack

Flexible rental terms available. Units are offered in a variety of sizes and can be reconfigured and resized for needs at multiple locations.

For more information, call us at (713) 999-1100 or click here.


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