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Our #1 Tip for Operators of Thermal Oxidizers in 2021


Our Tip: Upgrade Your Oxidizer’s Control System.

Customers often ask us, “What can we do to help our air pollution control equipment operate more reliably for better production uptime in the future?”

Of course, regular inspections and timely, proper maintenance are key activities. However, our #1 tip for “future-proofing” your equipment (and production line) these days is to upgrade aging control systems.

Gone are the days when you can afford to operate thermal oxidizers, scrubbers, and other process equipment with outdated or manual controls. Manufacturing is in the midst of a data-driven revolution, and competition has never been tighter. The convergence of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and operational technology (OT) is driving huge gains in operational efficiency, reliability, and visibility. Ever-changing market conditions demand higher production flexibility. Emissions regulations are growing more stringent and heavily enforced. What’s more, many popular legacy controls platforms are becoming obsolete. (Who wants to spend time sourcing critical parts on eBay?)

If your thermal oxidizer or scrubber relies on aging controls, you may soon be left behind.

Easier and Less Expensive Than You Think.

The good news is that upgrading your industrial control system doesn’t have to break your budget. It doesn’t have to mean unplanned downtime, and it doesn’t have to put your data at risk.

At PolSys, we specialize in high-quality, cost-effective, secure control system upgrades for air pollution control equipment – in fact, no one in the industry has more experience with these types of control systems. We service all system makes and models, and our unique combination of experience gives our customers the critical edge they need for high uptime and market competitiveness today and in the future.

Take the first step with an evaluation of your system’s current controls. Call us at (713) 999-1100, email or click here.


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