Customized Services for Industrial Burner Controls & Burner Management Systems

Industrial Burner Controls & Burner Management Systems (BMS) Services

When your burners and gas trains aren’t performing efficiently, it can significantly impact your production, drive up your fuel costs, and put your plant at risk of noncompliance with your air permit. Automating industrial burner sequences optimizes production workflows by removing manual processes that can slow operations. Programming burner controls can also allow you to track burner performance and troubleshoot errors, ensuring that you maximize fuel efficiency and avoid costly downtime for repairs.


Industrial Burner Automation

Our engineering team has decades of experience working with HMI and PLC systems and SCADA software. For example, we have automated and programmed:

    • Burner startup and shutdown processes

    • Settings for VFDs for specific applications such as feeders and blowers, grates,

       burners, flames, belt conveyors, hoppers, and other equipment

    • Burner system monitoring through existing HMI, PLC, and SCADA systems

    • Alarms and alerts for burner failures

    • Setpoint display and controls

    • Real-time temperature and variable data display


Burner Management Systems (BMS)

Maximize the performance, efficiency, and lifecycle of your burners, gas trains, and boilers with our comprehensive burner control services. From installing new systems to upgrading burner management tools, we can install and program controls to manage all types of industrial heating and combustion systems. Our engineers are familiar with all major burner management systems, including:

    • Honeywell (Maxon)

    • Fireye, Inc.

    • Schneider

    • Emerson

    • Siemens

    • Other platforms


Burner and Gas Train Repairs, Installations & Retrofits

PolSys technicians have extensive experience installing, designing, repairing, and retrofitting burner and gas trains. We have worked with every type of burner, including primary air burners, secondary air burners, line burners and more – as well as a variety of burner brands, including (but not limited to):

    • Maxon

    • Eclipse

    • North American

    • Hauck

    • John Zink Hamworthy

    • Coen

    • Todd


Onsite Inspections & Service Agreements

Our annual inspection program ensures that your burner equipment meets the latest NFPA safety codes. You can access our reports anywhere, anytime with our proprietary R.I.S.C. System platform.


For total peace of mind, consider a Rapid Response Annual Service Agreement. These agreements are customized for the uptime needs of your burner and gas train, RTO, oxidizer, or scrubber. Contracts include inspections, guaranteed emergency response times, staff training, telephone support, and much more.


Controls Consulting

Need advice on upgrading your burner management system and/or controls? We offer assessments, advice, and recommendations tailored to your specific needs, application, budget, and equipment.


Why Choose PolSys for Burner Control Services?

We have decades of experience working with burner systems, specifically those related to air pollution control equipment like oxidizers and scrubbers. Our engineering team stays current with the latest burner controls technology to ensure that you receive the best burner controls programming, design, and repair. Our comprehensive automation services and solutions are guaranteed to integrate with your specific production processes and pollution control technologies.


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