Our experienced field engineers and technicians are well trained and equipped to repair and/or upgrade your existing thermal oxidizer. Repairing and upgrading existing air pollution control equipment is an important, routine maintenance procedure because it improves the performance of your system and extends its longevity.

Oxidizer Preventative Services

Some of the more common oxidizer problems PolSys Services regularly addresses are:

  • Cleaning RTO media or oxidizer catalyst
  • Replacing RTO media or oxidizer catalyst
  • Replacing or Upgrading Burners and Gas Trains
  • Valve repairs
  • Corrosion control and structural repairs
  • Duct replacement and flow restrictions
  • Troubleshooting or upgrading operating controls including the operator interface, programmable controllers, and valve drives
  • Tuning and re-programming existing software programs

Regardless of your pressing issues, our ample experience and knowledge of all types of air abatement technologies and processes allow us to assess your situation and quickly address any needed repairs and upgrades. And because we know that some repairs are unknown and unforeseen, our technical team extends their reliability and timeliness to emergency repairs, guaranteeing you peace of mind under the most stressful situations. Contact us today to discuss your needed or emergency repairs.

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