Trailer-Mounted Thermal Oxidizer Rental, Model CEF-5

The CEF-5 rental unit is a trailer-mounted, natural gas or propane thermal oxidizer designed to treat hydrocarbon-contaminated air streams. This system has the capabilities to handle both low VOC-contaminated streams at <50% LEL, and high-VOC streams at >50% LEL. This unit and controls can also be converted to operate with a catalyst module insert, which lowers the required combustion temperature and fuel cost. This oxidizer is designed to operate completely independent of the process and is equipped with an enable-disable signal interface in the system control panel.

Rental Thermal Oxidizer

Rental Thermal Oxidizer System Features

  • Epoxy Coated Carbon Steel Outer Shell
  • High Temperature Ceramic Insulation
  • Trailer-Mounted
  • Two (2) Oxidizer Process Blowers w/ VFDs
  • Flame Arrestor for low VOC process
  • Flame Trap for high VOC process
  • Natural Gas or Propane Primary Burner
  • NFPA Compliant Gas Train
  • Stainless Steel Exhaust Stack
  • Easy-to-use, cost-effective solution for tank degassing

Thermal Oxidizer Rental Specifications

Maximum Air Flow Capacity 3,050 SCFM
Minimum Air Flow 800 SCFM
Maximum Inlet Temp from Source 300°F
Burner Capacity 4,800,000 BTUH
Inlet Connection 11" dia.
Stack Height 18' 7" Above Ground
Stack Diameter 30"
Maximum Thermal Operating Temperature 1800°F
Optional Catalyst Module Precious Metal Monolith
Catalyst Operating Temperature 650°F
Maximum Exit Catalyst Temperature 1200°F
Maximum Hydrocarbon Throughput  
High-VOC Mode ~5 MMBTUH or 750 SCFM
Thermal Mode <50% LEL
Catalytic Mode <25% LEL
Oxidizer Process Blowers 7.5 HP
Time to Reach Operating Temperature 15 min from Cold Start
Power Requirements 460/3/60, 26 FLA
Trailer 16,000 lbs. Dual Axle

Download our Rental Thermal Oxidizer Spec Sheet.

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