Particulate Scrubber Rental, Model MVS-2.2

scrubberOur Multi-Vane Venturi Scrubber (MVS) rental is a highly efficient liquid-to-gas contactor used to clean gases contaminated with particulates before they are exhausted into the atmosphere. The gas enters the MVS at a tangent and establishes a cyclonic pattern around a centrally located bundle of vanes. Scrubbing liquid is recirculated from the integral sump to the Venturi vane bundle, where a cloud of liquid droplets forms. These droplets contact the incoming gas stream and entrain the particulates. The droplets and particulates are then removed from the gas stream by cyclonic action and collected into the sump.

The rental scrubber is a skid mounted and fully automated system that is easily transported and can be used for pilot testing, as a temporary solution for emergency situations, or for projects involving a diminished flow rate.

Rental Scrubber Specifications

Removal Efficiency 96+% removal ≥1 micron particulate
Scrubber and Sump Construction 304 SS
Air Flow Capacity 2200 SCFM
Stack Height ~13 ft.
Stack Diameter 10"
Make-Up Water Connection ½ " NPT
Overflow Connection 1 ½" NPT
Blow-down Liquid Connection 1" NPT
Electrical Requirements 3ph / 460V / 60Hz, 32 FLA
  20 hp fan motor w/ VFD
  ½ hp recirculation pump motor

Download our Rental Scrubber Spec Sheet.

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