The use of high-quality ceramic media within your system is essential for its reliability. Many ceramic media product variations can provide long-lasting heat retention, transfer, and exchange for your system, and we are able to assist you in selecting the correct product for your needs. 

PolSys Services keeps the following, alternative media available for our customers: which we provide with guaranteed uniformity and a Thermal Shock Warranty.

Ceramic Structured Media

Ceramic Structured Media

Structured ceramic media offers the highest heat exchange properties and lowest pressure drop compared to randomly packed media. There are a variety of structured ceramic designs available depending on your performance requirements. Structured ceramic media use spans across many industries and applications.

Ceramic Media Super Saddles

RTO Ceramic Media Suppliers

Ceramic Super Saddles provide more efficient heat transfer properties due to their increased geometric surface area. The scalloped edges and perforated design provide larger void areas, thereby yielding lower pressure drop and a higher resistance to plugging.

Not Sure What Fits? Our technical experts can help you evaluate which product is most appropriate for your specific application. By maintaining on-hand inventory in our Houston facility, we are able to respond rapidly to fulfill your ceramic media needs and avoid excessive lead times and lengthy shipment delays. Please contact us today for more information.

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