Service Agreements

“How Much Unplanned Downtime Can Your Plant Afford? 

“Insure” Your Systems Against Unplanned Downtime with a Rapid Response Service Agreement for Oxidizers, Scrubbers & Burners

If your facility operates under an air permit, you know that the minute your air pollution control equipment stops working due to an unforeseen issue, your plant is out of compliance and production must stop. Between production losses, regulatory fines and emergency repairs, costs associated with these emergency shutdowns can be significant.

Unfortunately, emergency situations will occur in every industrial application, and such situations often leave operators stressed and scrambling for an immediate solution – often a temporary “fix” that fails to solve the underlying issue, resulting in another emergency shutdown soon after. That’s why many of our larger customers choose a Rapid Response Service Agreement that includes timely inspections and interventions to help prevent major system failures. Also included in these agreements are a set number of emergency call-outs with a guaranteed maximum response time (usually within 24 hours) to address any emergency needs immediately, accurately, and reliably.

These oxidizer, scrubber and burner maintenance plans are customized to your needs and are designed to improve system reliability, optimize energy consumption, and reduce production downtime and losses that could result from unexpected air pollution control equipment failures. The result is a more reliable, efficient, and cost-effective facility.


Optimize Uptime & Minimize Costs with a Service Agreement Tailored to Your Needs

Our oxidizer and scrubber Service Agreements truly take the industry’s typical “preventative maintenance plan” to the next level. Along with a plan of action and peace of mind, your agreement provides you with a predetermined number of visits to inspect and service your equipment onsite along with a number of emergency call-outs with a guaranteed response time. This oxidizer, scrubber or burner service contract allows us to perform routine and scheduled inspections and monitoring to minimize unplanned outages and to identify and prevent future issues that could be detrimental to vital operations. You customize your plan by choosing your number of inspections, unbilled call-outs, guaranteed response time, amount of remote support, and more.

Our air pollution equipment preventative maintenance plans include:

    • A set number of 24/7/365 Emergency Call-outs to ensure maximum uptime

    • Guaranteed Response Times for call-outs (usually within 24 hours)

    • Semi-Annual/Annual Inspections for each system included in the agreement

    • Detailed Monitoring of each system, subsystem and assembly

    • Basic Repairs and Predictive Maintenance options customized to your system and needs

    • Discounted Service Labor and Travel Rates

    • Discounted Parts Rates

    • Onsite Staff Training

    • Remote Monitoring (optional)

    • 24/7 Telephone Support (optional)

    • Additional Preventative Maintenance technology (optional)

    • Detailed Service Reports on all work performed, available 24/7 through our secure online portal

Agreements cover any and all types of air pollution equipment, regardless of make or model. And because we know that every application is unique, service agreements are tailored to meet your specific needs.

Reach out directly by calling 713-999-1100 or emailing to learn more about how you can benefit from our Rapid Response Service Agreement.