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PolSys Services is a leading provider of technical services for all makes and models of RTOs and other air pollution control equipment. Years of field experience and engineering expertise allow us to handle virtually any issue, from the most basic valve repair to the most complicated regenerative thermal oxidizer retrofit (how an RTO works). Our extensive experience with thermal oxidizer system repair and broad knowledge of other types of air abatement technologies and processes mean we can quickly address issues of reliability, safety, and compliance to help you achieve your operational goals.

Avoid Downtime.

We know how much production downtime and slowdowns due to air permit noncompliance, safety concerns, and system malfunctions can cost you. As specialists in all types of air pollution control technology, we provide impartial solutions - the right solution that will be most advantageous to your operation, not to a certain manufacturer. So you get back online and stay online. 

Stay Compliant with Your Air Permit.

Our inspection services and RTO, scrubber, and burner/gas train maintenance and repair services help ensure that you're meeting air permit and emissions requirements and not risking fines or downtime.

Increase Production Line Efficiency.

Shave time off your startup and shutdown process and automate sequences with industrial control system programming customized to your needs and designed to capture and convert data into actionable intelligence. Our technicians can help you program HMI and PLC controls to flag mechanical and technical problems - before they impact production.

Gain Insight into Your Production Line.

We can help you access valuable production line data, such as component health and overall machine performance, so you can identify and address process bottlenecks and equipment issues.

Reduce Fuel Costs.

Many of our services, such as ceramic media change/cleaning and burner train servicing, can help your pollution control equipment stay fuel efficient so you can avoid cost overruns. 

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Benefits of PolSys & Our Methodology


We possess decades of experience working with each and every type of air pollution abatement systems


Our sole focus is air abatement, and we remain well-informed of our industry and the most current and effective technologies and processes


We believe in being proactive now, to prevent serious and costly issues, later


Our goal is to be the reliable source for determining the best solution to all your service needs so that any and every issue is quickly and effectively handled