We work wherever we are needed. Our company has serviced systems for clients all over the United States and we have also worked internationally.

We have experience with companies in various applications and extend our services to all industries that require them. Industry segments in our core clientele include automobile manufacturers, heavy equipment manufacturers, and wastewater treatment facilities, among others.

Headquartered in Houston, TX, PolSys Services offers 24/7 nationwide service.

Yes. We offer a wide range of products and spare parts that optimize any air pollution equipment, including ceramic media (which we keep on-hand at our facility). Visit our Ceramic Media page to learn more about common types of media provided.

Absolutely. As a leading industry-service-provider we anticipate the needs of our customers so that we are able to provide all the products they require to optimize their equipment.


We lease trailer-mounted, direct fired thermal oxidizers, catalytic oxidizer and wet scrubbers to operators in search of an alternative to new air pollution systems. To see what specific systems are currently available, please view our Rental Systems page.

Rental begins the day the equipment leaves the property of PolSys Services. The rental will end on the day the equipment is returned to PolSys Services.


The agreement you receive will indicate and detail the duration of the rental. Please note that rentals have a minimum duration. However, if you choose to extend this duration (and payment terms are satisfied), the rental can be renewed at least 30 days prior to the lease termination date, for the new duration you request.


Most oxidizer systems less than 20 years old are good candidates for repair. We understand sometimes repairs are unforeseen, that’s why our technical team exceeds their reliability and timeliness to emergency repairs. Contact Us today to discuss your needed repairs.


It is the responsibility of the renter to cover any damages, theft, or loss of the equipment. However, any ordinary wear and tear will be covered by PolSys Services.

If you have any issues regarding your rental, please contact our knowledgeable staff at 713-999-1100.


Our company culture is centered on safety, and our staff translates this priority from the office to the worksite. PolSys is an active member of the Houston Area Safety Council, and we participate in OSHA Compliance Safety Programs every year.

Yes: PolSys Services provides sustainable air pollution control solutions that help companies reduce their environmental impact while achieving their operational goals and improving value for our stakeholders. For more on our commitment to sustainability, please visit our “About” page.