Thermal Oxidizer Rental for Tank Degassing

When a storage tank is emptied, a residual amount of potentially toxic gas vapor remains in the tank. This gas vapor must be captured and destroyed before the tank can be cleaned and reused. If degassing is not handled properly during the turnover process, harmful vapors can be released into the atmosphere which may cause various health, safety, and compliance issues. Tank owners and degassing service providers who do not properly degas their tanks risk non-compliance penalties and/or operational downtime. (Similarly, pipelines that transport hazardous substances must also be properly degassed and cleaned before they are reused.)

Our trailer-mounted CEF-5 Rental Thermal Oxidizer is a highly effective and cost-efficient solution for cleaning gas vapor as it is forced out of a storage tank, especially for vapors containing high concentrations of VOCs.

  • Safe and reliable design for hydrocarbon-contaminated air streams
  • Requires minimal auxiliary fuel
  • Fully automated for ease of operation
  • Handles high-VOC streams at >50% LEL
  • Onsite customer training available

Rental Thermal Oxidizer

System Components

  • Epoxy Coated Carbon Steel Outer Shell
  • High Temperature Ceramic Insulation
  • Trailer Mounted
  • Two (2) Oxidizer Process Blowers w/ VFDs
  • Flame Arrestor for low VOC process
  • Flame Trap for high VOC process
  • Natural Gas or Propane Primary Burner
  • NFPA Compliant Gas Train
  • Stainless Steel Exhaust Stack
  • UL Listed, Nema 4 Control Panel
  • PLC w/ First Out Fault Finder
  • Automatic Valves
  • Air Flow Monitoring available
  • Inlet Pressure Transmitter
  • Fully Automated Instrumentation Package

Thermal Oxidizer Rental Specifications

Maximum Air Flow Capacity 3,050 SCFM
Minimum Air Flow 800 SCFM
Maximum Inlet Temp from Source 300°F
Burner Capacity 4,800,000 BTUH
Inlet Connection 11" dia.
Stack Height 18' 7" Above Ground
Stack Diameter 30"
Maximum Thermal Operating Temperature 1800°F
Optional Catalyst Module Precious Metal Monolith
Catalyst Operating Temperature 650°F
Maximum Exit Catalyst Temperature 1200°F
Maximum Hydrocarbon Throughput  
High-VOC Mode ~5 MMBTUH or 750 SCFM
Thermal Mode <50% LEL
Catalytic Mode <25% LEL
Oxidizer Process Blowers 7.5 HP
Time to Reach Operating Temperature 15 min from Cold Start
Power Requirements 460/3/60, 26 FLA
Trailer 16,000 lbs. Dual Axle

* A 20 MMBTUH System will be available soon. Call for more details.

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